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Why my nephew rocks the casbah...

So i'm teaching my nephew some world religion stuff, and we spoke about Confusianism on Tuesday and this is what he had to say about it on his blog...LAWL...i was laughing so hard, i swear its SWEET ENGRISH! Go LIAM!!



Hey everyone!!

Howdy everyone! Just to tell you guys the move was a smooth transition! We found a really good apartment right by my brother's house and my parents helped me move 75% of the stuff in already! Unfortunately, they left already by noon time and my poor mom was crying when we hugged and said our goodbyes and see you laters. She made me a bit teary eyed too! I told her to call me when they get home because California is getting bombarded with rain right now. I'm at Barnes & Nobles trying to catch up with my online hw but i forgot one of my books so im stuck here until my bro is done with his paper....so basically till the sun goes down LOL. I'll message you guys my addy, its sorta long but whatevs, and give you my house number! I'm going to my new job's human resource department to sign all of the forms and do the drug screening and orientation begins next week! God I need to catch up with all my online stuff and study for the NET test!!! BBLAAHHHH!@#!!#!#!!!!!!!!!!ihfahe298qeho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Got the wisdom teeth taken out this morning, my mouth is a little sore, but the vicodine is helping ALOT!  HAR HAR, god i have a lot of shit to do, but i'll do it tomorrow, since im exhausted today...blahhhhh

Wow, Stephen King rocks, you tell it like it is! Love how Meyers tries to compare herself to JK Rowling, um NO.


Well......looks like

I'm going to be moving to phoenix! I got the job at maricopa county hospital doing the same thing I do here at valley care! Good thing all my classes over there are all online this semester!

I've been apartment hunting all day, we have to come to a conclusion by this weekend....the stress and the excitement begins....


Holy shiite, its been way too long!! I'm alive and doing well, and possibly moving to Arizona in about a month. Its easier to get into nursing school there, i'll have my own apartment (if we choose the one we looked at this past week) thats 10 minutes away from my brother and in a really nice area (like Pleasanton), and i'll be working for a hospital as well. There's a lot of shit i gotta update in this thing, i just changed my layout, but i gotta chnge my icons and stufffffff.

Matt and I have been together for 6 months!!(On Thursday) and going strong, realllyyyyy strong. Of course he's going to miss me terribly (and i will miss him terribly as well! D:)if and when i do this, but Arizona is just an hour and 40 min flight away, he told me he'll come for sure for Spring Training in March. But i gotta do this...i gotta get out of my house and be independent, and i'll still be in school trying to reach my career goals in being an RN! and of course Matt supports it 100% and would do the same if he were in my shoes!

Anywho, i promise to keep ya'll update more often! Not once everying 6 months, LOLZ

Holy guacamole!!

I haven't posted in over 10 weeks?!!! Well I'm alive peoples! HAHA, summer school has taken over my life, but its gonna be over this Thursday! Woot!!! Well to sum up the 10 weeks, I have an amazing man in my life now, my friends rock, and summer school sucks! What's up with everybody!?

Okay, havent posted for days

MMMMmmkkkkkayyyy, i havent posted in DAYS! I'm gonna go work out now tho, um, im meeting up with Matt aka Paramedic guy tonight for some coffee, i'll tell you guys the details late HA! OOOO YESHHHHH, LEAVE YOU GUYS ON A CLIFF HANGER!HAHAHHAA

Although this was posted already, i'll post it again, THE TWILIGHT TRAILER! AHHHHHHH!!!!!


Getting into a nursing school....

....this fall is not looking good for me D:

CSU Nursing Chico, Long Beach, AND SF State have REJECTED me! University of San Francisco and San Diego still havent gotten back to me....bleh, i hate this feeling of getting rejected, HENCE i am going to yet another baseball game! BUT WE BETTER WIN THIS TIME DAMMIT! 

..............bleh........Out of states schools are looking more like the picture now! Oh April, if i dont get into a school this fall i will apply to U of H!

Out of states schools i'll be applying to if i dont get into:
-Arizona State
-Univ of Las Vegas
-Univ of Seattle
-Univ of Hawaii
-Hawaii Pacific

I'll be re-applying to Long Beach since they accept spring applications...ughhhh the stresssssssssssss

Okay time to get ready for the A's game BEEZIESSSSSSSS!!! I'll post pics later tonight!



 Thank god i am going to the baseball game tonight, must relieve stress by eating and watching hot boys in tight pants, eventhough i'll be wayyyy up high on the third deck enjoying my all-you-can-eat ballpark food! I'll take pics of baseball and food, good times....oh btw, i'm goin to another game tomorrow with Cindy, Trey, Richard (dude from my microbio class), and my cousin Carmen, cant wait!!

BTW, trying to get into a Nursing school in California fuckin sucks, i swear if i dont get into a damn school this fall, im applying out of state for the spring!! No if ands or butts, its gonna happen dammit!

K, gotta go get ready and put my A's gear on!!



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    haha, that was cute. how old is he?
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    That's so exciting! I know you can do it! :DDD

    She's doing a lot better, thanks for asking! :) ♥
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    Yup, I am going to GCU (Grand Canyon University) now, so i moved to Phoenix, and i have a really good chance of getting into their nursing program that is fast track (20 month program). So i can get…
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    WHAT! Did you transfer schools??? My dad said he just saw you the other day!
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