June 24th, 2006


So, i didnt

So i didnt tell the rest with what happend on Wednesday. Well, in the ER in Pleasanton, with my mom's luck she got the shit doctor that doesn't do shit for you. She ws hoping to get this other doctor who just started his shift, because she knows him personally, and they're pretty good friends, but the fuckin Dr. Chasin who is a dickhead takes my mom's chart and sees her. All he did was do an EKG and check her blood pressure, and since everything came out normal, all he said was, "Well, sorry, this is out of my hands, you've gotta go to your Neurologist over at Kaiser!" WHAT THE FUCK, he didn't even order any blood work atleast? I'm not a fuckin doctor and i even knew that, what a bastard!

So after my mom gets discharge she gets a call from DR. Nazareno who wanted to see her and he asked her what Dr. Chasin did and he was in shock the bull shit crap he didnt do. He was saying that ALLLLLL doctors as a protocol for ANY person who passes out immediately orders blood work and a CAT scan regardless if your blood pressure or EKG comes out fine! So he was pissed off that the doctor didn't help my mom worth of shit. When my mom called my dad to tell him they didn't do shit for her, my dad got pissed and said right when he gets home  he was going to take her to the emergency room at Kaiser. She was a bit hesitant, but she agreed. FINALLY! Right after she got off the phone with my dad, her primary doctor from Kaiser called to ask what happend to her, so she gave him the low down and he was extremely concerned and pissed off that the ER in Pleasanton hadn't done anything for her, and that the Neurologist hadn't prescribed anything for her recent symptoms, so he said he was going to chew out the Neurologist for not prescribing her what she obviously needs. He also told her to go to Kaiser emergency IMMEDIATELY.

So my dad did take her to Kaiser, and they did blood work and ran a CAT scan for her. They called the Neurologist who was on call, and guess who it was, HER FUCKIN NEUROLOGIST!! Well, it turns out that he was concerned, FINALLY and prescribed her seizure medicine that would last her about a week to see if it works. Also he scheduled an appointment with her and her primary physician. She would also be scheduled for an MRI, an echocardiogram, and Ultrasound, and a stress test to check her brain and her vessels to see if the blood flow to her brain is good. If all else fails, Kaiser said they will refer her to UCSF medical center of Neurology, so ya. The results of all her test is supposed to be coming in by today, so when i get home, i'm supposed to know what is up. HOPEFULLY THEY WILL FIND SOMETHING!! I BE PRAYIN!!