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Lo que mas necesito en esta vida es amor...cheesecake...y los A's!!

Happiness lies in cheesecake and the Oakland A's

1 July 1987
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Hello, My name is Sonia, im 21 and im a full time student and part time employee. I LOVE to play and watch sports. I play soccer, b-ball,baseball(softball), occasionally flag football, & snowboarding. Im a HUGE Oakland Athletics, Raiders,Sharks, Warrior and Sacramento Kings fan. I go to a TON of A's and Raider games. I usually watch ESPN daily, because i have to be updated on the sports world! I also love music(mainly hip-hop, R&B, and house/trance, but SOME punk and rock)listening and dancing you name it. Video games is my haven. I own every single nintendo system from the original Nintendo to Nintendo Wii!